Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beyond Cute Valentine's Day Pillow Pet Giveaway!

It's pretty impossible to deny the overwhelming appeal Pillow Pets have with little kids. Heck, Emma has a unicorn and Micah has a monkey Pillow Pet! They are far and away their favorite "lovey", and they go to Grandma's house whenever they have sleepovers.

Well now, My Pillow Pets has created a special edition Valentine's Day Pillow Pet! Want to win one? Of course you do! Head on over to Three P's in a Pod and enter to win!

Adorable Custom T-Shirts and Onesies...What Could Be Better!?

WINNING an adorable custom t-shirt or onesie, that's what! Three P's in a Pod and My Emmy Baby have teamed up to bring you this fantastic giveaway!

My Emmy Baby makes gorgeous personalized shirts for birthdays, holidays, and more! Want to know how to win? Hop on over to Three P's in a Pod's Review of My Emmy Baby and sign up! You can't win it if you're not in it :).

Wally Wonderbug Giveaway!

Emma and Micah both had an Exersaucer, and I was never really a big fan of the "saucer" aspect. Kolcraft to the rescue! They've come out with the most adorable play center/jumper ever. Wally and Wanda Wonderbug are here to entertain your little one with 360 degrees of fun! Want to know what's even cooler? You can win one through Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports!

Skedaddle on over to Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports and enter to win yours!

Zutano Giveaway? Yes, Please!

You've brought home your brand new bouncing bundle of joy. You couldn't be happier! Oh, but wait. Now you need to clothe this little muchkin. That's where Zutano comes to the rescue! They've opened a new store with clothing specifically for preemies and newborns. Love it! You know what I love even more? A Zutano Giveaway through MommyMandy!

Head on over to Mommy Mandy's blog and enter to win a $75 Zutano Itzy Bitzy Gift Card!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ridin' the Rails!

Another all-time favorite in our house is Playhouse Disney's Chuggington. Micah is absolutely enamored with all things trains, and will stop dead in his tracks to watch "Chugton". So what could be better than WINNING a set of Chuggington books? Not much, I'll tell 'ya!

Head on over to The Mommy-Files and enter!

Scruff? Or No Scruff?

If you take a gander at my lovely hubby, you will know that my preference is SCRUFF. But we can all recognize when a beard gets a little unruly. That, my friends, is what the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D 1250 Electric Razor is for!

Wanna win one? Yeah, you do! It's a $200 value!

Head on over to Mocha Dad and get to enterin'.

We're Gonna Riiiiide the Dinosaur Train!

I hear that theme song daily at my house. Every day before nap time, Emma and Micah insist on watching a Dinosaur Train episode on PBS Kids. I get the theme song stuck in my head more than I care to admit, but the kids absolutely adore this show.

Want to win some sweet Dinosaur Train swag? I do! Head over to Mom to Bed By 8 and enter to win a pair of Dinosaur Train footed pajamas! Tiny the pteranodon would want you to.